Industries Served

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Reinke & Schomann is a reputable and trusted manufacturer of custom screw conveyors used in multiple applications. Numerous industries utilize these types of equipment for their operations, so we ensure each product is made with quality in mind.

In addition, we also offer custom metal and steel fabrication services for businesses seeking durable and reliable metal or steel components. Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your screw conveyor and manufacturing needs. Rest assured; we can deliver products that are second to none.

Industries We Serve

Our services are used in numerous industries and for many different projects. The goal is to simplify each facility’s process for a smoother and seamless operation. At Reinke & Schomann we not only provide complete systems but components for your fabricated products. 

The primary industries we serve are as follows:

Food Preparation Industry

The food preparation industry utilizes screw conveyors as the primary food processing equipment. These screw conveyors transport bulk materials, such as dry ingredients, and move them through the different processing stages. In addition, these types of equipment must be solid and reliable, so stainless steel is mainly used to manufacture these products.

Common applications:

  • Mix wet ingredients
  • Move dry components
  • Transfer bulk ingredients

Mining Industry

In the mining industry, mining screw conveyors are used to transfer and move ore, coal, rocks, gravel, and other minerals from the mine to the surface. Afterward, these items are used for different mining operations.

Common applications:

  • Filter abrasive materials
  • Transport minerals over long distances
  • Maintain flow to and from the production facility

Construction Industry

Industrial screw conveyors are standard in construction projects for various applications. For instance, these ensure the smooth flow of products as they’re transported to the different parts of the construction area. 

Common applications:

  • Horizontal boring
  • Dredging
  • Paving

Wastewater Industry

A dewatering screw conveyor is necessary to remove sludge and slurries from the trough. It’s the leading equipment in wastewater management to ensure that the liquids and solids are appropriately separated.

Common applications:

  • Handling grit
  • Dewatering sludge
  • Separate liquid from solid

Agricultural Industry

We also create customized screw conveyors for the agricultural industry for materials such as grain, animal feed, and fertilizers. These should be reliable and must ensure that materials are correctly moved from one place to another without contamination.

Common applications:

  • Mix grains
  • Move fertilizer
  • Transfer animal feed

Machine Tool Industry

Our screw conveyors are frequently used for chip removal in the machine tool industry. They allow chips to be removed from the interior of CNC and other machines quickly and easily. These screw conveyors reduce labor costs associated with manual chip removal.

Common applications:

  • Chip handling & removal
  • Dust collection systems 
  • Cleaning machine tools  

Common Uses of Our Services

Our services support the various industries’ operations by delivering exceptional products and services. We can guarantee that our products are made with pride and to the highest quality standards. With this in mind, we offer solutions that can improve your operations.

Some common uses of our services are the following:

  • Bulk Material Handling: Our screw conveyors are great for bulk material handling, where dry materials are transported to different parts of a facility.
  • Machine tools: Machining is a part of our metal fabrication services, where we utilize cutting or shaping tools to achieve the desired product.
  • Metal chip removal: Also a part of custom metal fabrication, metal chip removal refers to the shaping of a workpiece by removing excess material.
  • Off-road equipment: We can manufacture parts and components used in off-road equipment.
  • Food processing equipment: Screw conveyors, ribbons, and sectional flights are products that are commonly found in food processing industries.
  • Agricultural equipment: Different types of screw conveyors are used in agriculture to improve operations.
  • Water treatment: Custom screw conveyors can be designed for different water treatment applications.
  • Waste processing: In the waste processing sector, it’s essential to have reliable equipment, such as sectional flights or screw conveyors, to process waste efficiently.
  • Adaptable OEM Equipment: We can build parts or components to be used in adaptable OEM equipment.

Trust Reinke & Schomann to Solve Your Operational Needs

Reinke & Schomann has been around for over 90 years, manufacturing screw conveyors and offering metal and steel capabilities. With our expertise and knowledge, we understand what each industry requires to improve its operations. If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer, call us today!

If you have any questions or concerns about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also request a quote; we can help you find the best solution to ensure a successful project.