Custom Engineered & Manufactured Sectional Flights

Custom sectional flight manufacturing services from Reinke & Schomann, Inc. are provided for customers in multiple industries, optimized with engineering and assembly services including manufacturability consulting for increased productivity and best pricing. Utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and in-house equipment, materials including steel, stainless steel, and nickel alloys are manipulated to precise profiles with bending, plasma cutting, welding, plate forming, plate rolling, and angle rolling processes holding tolerances which exceed CEMA standards. Our high speed machining capabilities allow for the creation of sectional flights with features including notches, saw teeth, serrations, slots, tabs, and variable pitches. Standard sizes for sectional flights are 2″ to 24″ in diameter (51 – 610 mm), and up to 1.5″ (38.1mm) in thickness. Special sizes larger than 24″ are available on request.

Finishing options include flame spray and galvanizing, with resistance treatments for corrosion, heat, and abrasion. Typical applications include spiral let down chutes, metal chip removal, food equipment mixers, blender blades, and sculptures among others. All of our products are manufactured upholding the highest industry standards for quality and integrity. For more details about our custom sectional flight manufacturing capabilities, or the other value added services we offer, please see the table below or contact us us directly.

Custom Sectional Flights Highlights

General Capabilities
Engineering Services

  • Manufacturability Consulting

  • Bending
  • High Definition Plasma Cutting
  • Welding
  • Plate Forming
  • Plate Rolling
  • Angle Rolling
Spiral Let-Down Chutes
Metal Chip Removal
Bulk Material Handling – Rock, Dust, Food, Dirt,
Saw Dust
Blender Blades
Food Equipment Mixers
Scum Skimmers
Right Hand
Left Hand
Construction Materials
Abrasion Resident Alloys
Mild SteelMonel
Nickel Alloys
Stainless Steels
Saw Teeth
Serrations Slots
Variable Pitch
Flame Spray
Hard Surfacing
Custom Paint
2 – 24 in Standard
51 – 610 mm
Special Sizes over 24 in available.
Max: 1.5 in / 38.1 mm
Tolerance (+/-)
Exceeds CEMA Standards
Production Volume
Low Volume Custom
Industries Served
Waste Water Treatment
Food Processing
Pulp & Paper
Waste Processing
Water Kiln
Industry Standards Met
CEMA Compliant
AWS Compliant Welding
American National Standards Institute ASME
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Society for Testing and Materials
File Formats Accepted
Bit Mapped Graphics
Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
Graphics Interchange Format
Joint Photographic Experts Group
Portable Document Format
Tagged Image File Format

Sectional Flight Features

Sectional flights are the main component of a screw conveyor.  They are the helical component that is welded to the pipe that moves the material. There are several sectional flight features worth noting during flight fabrication, namely notches, saw teeth, serrations, and cones. 


Notches are components commonly used during the initial conveying process for blending or agitation of different materials. In addition, the outer cutting is in regular intervals. Adding paddles can promote aggressive mixing, which you can use for breaking down more significant chunks of materials into smaller pieces. 


Specific applications may require brushers, cutting elements, or wear plates for the outer diameter of serrations. Furthermore, correctly positioning the cylindrical or countersunk holes is crucial to properly couple the appendages. 


These cylindrical flights with a variable inner diameter promote an even drawdown in a whole hopper situation. Moreover, they are made with progressive pitches used primarily to control pressure or fill the screw feeder. 

Options for Custom Sectional Flight Features 

Different types of pitches 

  • Standard: Standard pitches with single-flight screws have an outside diameter equal to the pitch. 
  • Double: Double flight screws have an outer diameter equal to the pitch. It has a second set of flights that’s 180 degrees apart from the first set of flights for a more even discharge of bulk materials. 
  • Tapered: Single tapered flight screws can have a combination of straight as well as tapered outside diameter to meet the needs of the application. They use screw feeders, which provide uniform withdrawal of free-flowing bulk materials from hoppers, bins, or silos. 
  • Ribbon: Ribbon flight screws prevent the collection or build-up of sticky or viscous material due to their space within the flight and around the center pipe. 
  • Single-Cut Notch: Single-cut screws are notched regularly on the outer edge. It helps promote efficient mixing and agitation of bulk materials. 


  • Steel: A36 steel has good weldability and workability as it has a minimum yield point of 36ksi. This is the most commonly used material. On the other hand, the AR400 Steel has a minimum hardness of 360 on the Brinell scale and a nominal hardness of 400. Therefore, it is more impact abrasion resistant (AR) and a good choice for products that handle abrasive materials. 
  • Stainless Steel: The 304 Stainless Steel is known for being corrosion resistant and is considered the most common stainless steel used. For increased corrosion and chemical resistance, type 316 Stainless Steel has a strong resistance to pitting because of molybdenum. 
  • Nickel Alloys: Nickel alloys are mostly used in products that handle corrosive bulk materials as it’s not affected by corrosive materials. 


Sectional flights are used in various industries for a wide range of applications. They can be found in various equipment and machinery to improve efficiency. Furthermore, sectional flights improve various operations, no matter what industry or application it uses. 

Custom sectional flights highlights 

If you want to learn more about the custom flight fabrications we can create for you, our highlights will provide you with the answer. Here, you will find its general capabilities, applications, characteristics, features, construction materials, and more. The highlights will give you an idea of what we can offer. We are able to provide section flights for repair or construction for your own screw conveyors.  

We manufacture custom sectional flight products to the highest quality & industry standards 

If you need custom flight fabrications, we have the in-house capabilities and skills to fulfill your orders. We can cater to your specific needs and requirements to ensure that we deliver the results you want. 

Reinke & Schomann, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of sectional flights with over 90 years of experience. Request a quote now, and we’ll get in touch shortly.