Wastewater Industry

Nature possesses remarkable resilience in mitigating small quantities of water waste and pollution. However, the billions of gallons of wastewater and sewage generated daily would inundate natural ecosystems if left untreated.

At Reinke & Schomann, we understand the critical role treatment plants and other businesses play in the wastewater industry. Our in-house expertise ensures that every wastewater treatment fitting and components provided to the wastewater treatment industry are manufactured to meet stringent industry standards.

Optimizing Wastewater Treatment Processes

Certain innovations have made it possible to significantly reduce pollutants in wastewater to levels that align with the natural capacity of ecosystems to manage.

Dewatering Screw Conveyor

Dewatering is essential for reducing the volume of solids that need to be handled or disposed of. A dewatering screw conveyor helps in transporting and dewatering various solid materials, leading to faster production times, reduced waste, and lower disposal costs.

The dewatering screw conveyor is designed to effectively transport screenings, sludge, and other solid waste through a rotating helical screw inside a trough or tube. As the screw turns, it moves the material along while also squeezing out excess moisture, resulting in a drier, more compact end product.

One of the key advantages of the dewatering screw conveyor is its versatility. We can handle the manufacturing of screw conveyors with different screw configurations, such as horizontal or inclined orientations, to best suit the specific needs and layout of your facility.

Centerless Dewatering Auger

The centerless dewatering auger is another piece of equipment designed for the efficient transport and dewatering of challenging materials in industrial wastewater treatment settings.

Unlike traditional screw conveyors, the centerless dewatering screw auger features a shaftless design, which allows it to handle materials that may be prone to clogging or jamming in a standard screw conveyor. This makes it ideal for transporting dewatered sludge, screenings, solid waste, and other difficult-to-handle materials.

Material Selection for Wastewater Treatment Fittings

Selecting the right materials for wastewater treatment fittings and components is essential to ensure the durability, performance, and safety of these critical systems. Our team of specialists can provide expert guidance on the benefits and drawbacks of various materials. Materials range from steel to abrasion resistant steel to stainless steels depending on your application. We also offer several hard-surfacing options to increase screw life and performance.

Need a Custom Screw Conveyor or Dewatering Screw Auger?

Reinke & Schomann can manufacture cutting-edge original equipment and replacement parts tailored to your specific needs. We go beyond manufacturing the parts and components needed for a complete and seamless system. Our dedication to excellence, coupled with our expertise in material selection and customization, guarantees that our solutions not only meet your needs but also contribute to environmental protection and the long-term prosperity of your operations.

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