Construction Industry

The construction industry is known for its extremely harsh environment, so the equipment and machines required in this sector must withstand the grueling operations while meeting the highest quality standards. Reinke and Schomann are well-versed in these guidelines, allowing us to design and build customized screw conveyors and other crucial parts that work in these demanding conditions.

High-Performance Concrete Screw Conveyor Machines

Construction sites utilize numerous machinery, equipment, and cutting-edge systems to aid the diverse projects taking place. These operations entail handling various materials and objects that require careful and precise handling, which is why specialized equipment is used. A good example is the cement screw conveyor, also known as a concrete screw conveyor.

Cement screw conveyor systems are one of the most common equipment found in the construction sector. These heavy-duty machines are essential for transporting concrete, aggregates, gravel, and sand from one location to another. They are made to handle large loads and operate efficiently, making them crucial for the timely completion of projects.

Specialized Augers from Professional Manufacturers

Apart from concrete screw conveyor systems, we also specialize in manufacturing augers. These rotating cutting tools are the main components of a screw conveyor used for excavation and dredging purposes. It’s also utilized in horizontal auger boring projects.

Benefits of augers for construction operations:

  • Smoothness and consistency with holes made
  • Greater depth in holes created
  • It prevents clogging of the holes with its good drilling action
  • Lack of pressure required, leading to easier boring

Concrete screw conveyor systems are also equipped with an auger to push the materials through the tube. It allows for the seamless conveyance of construction materials, regardless of size or shape.

Typical Construction Applications of Augers and Concrete Screw Conveyor Machines

Construction sites have diverse and varied applications, so the uses of augers and cement screw conveyor systems are substantial. Reinke & Schomann can provide components or replacement parts for each of the following:

  • Horizontal auger boring: The HAB method is a trenchless excavation method generally used to install various pipe types, including steel casings or reinforced concrete pipes under railways or roads. 
  • Dredging: An auger dredger can drill holes through the seabed to loosen the thin layers of sediment and debris.
  • Foundation construction: Augers create holes for installing foundations for buildings, homes, or bridges.
  • Concrete mixing plants: Cement screw conveyor systems are used in concrete mixing plants as they can convey cement and other materials for the production of concrete, ensuring a smooth and consistent mix.

At Reinke & Schomann, we can produce superior conveyor systems, augers, and other parts tailored to your needs. With our background in construction, we understand the environment and what it takes to provide high-quality and durable equipment for your projects.

Let Us Deliver Optimal Solutions for Your Construction Operations

As experts and professionals in screw conveyors and their crucial parts, you can rely on us to deliver top-grade solutions that meet the highest standards, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliability on the construction site. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with your construction equipment needs. You may also request a quote so we can jumpstart your project immediately!