If you’re looking for reliable solutions in custom metal fabrication or screw conveyors, Reinke & Schomann is the perfect place to start. For more than 90 years, we have provided world-class metal fabrications and innovative screw conveyor designs that meet even the most challenging industry demands.

Our experienced engineering and custom metal fabricators teams work closely with clients to develop efficient and cost-effective solutions for every individual application. Not only that, but their knowledgeable team of experts provides excellent technical support to ensure your satisfaction with every order. From stainless steel products to fabricated steel — Reinke & Schomann can do it all.


Stainless Steel

At Reinke & Schomann, we specialize in working with various types of stainless steel such as type 304 and type 316. Our team of metal fabricators can customize any project to meet specific customer needs.

Mild Steel

We use mild steel for a wide range of projects, from custom fabrication to bulk needs. Our experienced team of metal fabricators are equipped with the latest technology and techniques to provide you with only the highest quality products. We’ll work closely with you to achieve the best possible solution for your project. 

Abrasion Resistant Steel

When you need superior abrasion resistant steel for your project, Reinke & Schomann is the perfect choice. Our abrasion resistant steel offers extended wear resistance for extended life of the conveyor when working with abrasive materials. We are proud to offer a variety of options to ensure the best protection and performance. With our expertise in metal fabrication and corrosion resistance, we can customize any project with reliable solutions that meet even the strictest industry requirements.

Custom Ribbon Flights

Applications of Custom Ribbon Flights

Custom ribbon flights at Reinke & Schomann provide an effective solution for the following operations.

  • Agriculture Industry: Ribbon flights are often used in grain elevators, separating and conveying grain without damaging it. They’re also great for heavy-duty threshing, removing the husks from grains like barley and wheat while protecting them from breakage or excessive damage.
  • Machine Tool Applications: RIbbon flighting is integral to the chip removal process that occurs in machine tools. We are able to provide replacement chip screws to meet the specifications of many machining centers and applications. Our team can often provide replacement screws in a more timely manner.
  • Mining & Construction Industries: Custom ribbon flights are great for conveying materials over long distances. They’re commonly found on large-scale mining operations that help move ore from one area to another. In construction applications, they transport aggregate materials like cement, gravel, soil, and other loose materials. 

Custom Screw Conveyors

A screw conveyor is an essential component in many industrial conveyor systems. They are used to move bulk material within a system’s structure while providing precise control of product movement and rate. Screw conveyors can be customized to match any application that requires transporting materials horizontally or at an incline

These custom-designed screws are used to rotate and effectively transport the material along its length. The flighted portion consists of individual blades that attach to the pipe or tube and extend outward in a spiral pattern. This configuration is necessary to keep the conveyed material from falling back out as it moves along the screw’s length. 

Reinke & Schomann is a trusted name in industrial screw conveyors, with decades of experience in manufacturing custom screw conveyor solutions. Our products are designed with durability and efficiency in mind, allowing for easy installation and maintenance while providing reliable delivery of materials over short or long distances.

Advantages of using screw conveyors

Screw conveyors at Reinke & Schomann are highly efficient at moving materials from one point to another. They have several advantages over traditional conveying methods, including:

  • Versatility: Screw conveyors can be used to move a variety of materials, such as dry bulk solids, powders, grains, and other granular materials. This makes them suitable for applications in many industries, including food processing and manufacturing. 
  • Low maintenance requirements: Screw conveyors require little regular maintenance compared with other types of conveying systems. This helps to lower operating costs and reduce the amount of downtime for maintenance.
  • Reliability: Screw conveyors are reliable, durable machines that work continuously without requiring significant repairs or replacements. This makes them ideal for companies that need a reliable conveying system. 
  • Flexibility: Screw conveyors can easily adjust or modify to accommodate different materials and production needs. They can also easily handle large volumes of material, ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently. 

Custom Sectional Flights

Reinke & Schomann, Inc. offers cutting-edge custom sectional flight manufacturing services to serve various industries. Our expert team utilizes state-of-the-art machinery and in-house equipment to optimize engineering and assembly for increased productivity and the best pricing. We provide manufacturability consulting to ensure precise profiles with bending, plasma cutting, welding, plate forming, plate rolling, and angle rolling processes that exceed CEMA standards. But that’s not all! We can create sectional flights with features like notches, saw teeth, serrations, slots, tabs, and variable pitches. Our standard sizes range from 2″ to 24″ in diameter (51 – 610 mm), with a thickness of up to 1.5″ (38.1mm). And if you need special sizes larger than 24″, just let us know, and we’ve got you covered! Get ready for an exciting journey into tailored sectional flight manufacturing!

Benefits of Custom Sectional Flights

When you choose Reinke & Schomann for your sectional flight needs, you get access to a wide range of benefits. These include: 

  • Increased Material Flow: Thanks to our customized solutions, materials flow more efficiently and smoothly throughout the conveying system. This leads to improved productivity and less downtime due to clogging or product buildup. 
  • Applications: Sectional flights are incredibly versatile components that find applications across numerous industries. They seamlessly integrate into various machinery and equipment, enhancing operational efficiency to spectacular levels.

We can include specialized features such as notches, paddles to enhance mixing, serrations, wear plates, and variable pitches to optimize screw performance. 

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

At Reinke & Schomann, we specialize in custom metal fabrication services, such as forming, rolling, and welding. Our experienced team of fabricators is highly skilled in the latest techniques and technologies to create precision-crafted parts that perfectly match your design specifications. 

We have years of experience working with the following materials:

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Abrasion Resistant steel
  • Aluminum

You can trust us to provide quality work every time. We use only the finest materials and modern machinery to ensure lasting durability for any project. 

Benefits Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Here’s why Reinke & Schomann’s custom metal fabrication services are an excellent choice for your project: 

  • Accuracy: We maximize cutting-edge technology and advanced software to ensure that your parts are machined accurately. We also have experienced fabricators on staff who can work closely with designers and engineers to guarantee perfect measurements.
  • Quality Materials: We only use high-quality materials when fabricating your parts to make the end product durable and long-lasting. Our metals are sourced from reliable suppliers, guaranteeing top-tier quality.
  • Speed: Our custom metal fabrication services are designed to be fast and efficient, so you can rest assured that your order will be completed on time. We use innovative machinery and advanced processes to ensure a reasonable turnaround. 

Top-notch screw conveyors and custom metal fabrications at Reinke & Schomann

After decades of commitment to providing quality engineering products and services, Reinke & Schomann is one of the leading providers of screw conveyors and custom metal fabrications for any application. We are renowned for our knowledge, expertise, and speed in delivery- ensuring that your project outcomes exceed all expectations. 

If you are looking for high-performance screw conveyor technologies or heavy-duty custom metal fabrications, contact us or request a custom quote today to let Reinke & Schomann provide comprehensive services for your industry.